Five Japans (1936)

Five thematic maps of Japan published by TIME Fortune weekly magazine.

I – Japan is Coal and Iron
… as well as the lack of coal and iron and oil and rubber and other industrial raw material represented graphically in the lower left-hand corner opposite.

II – Japan is the Japanese
… the density of whose settlement upon arable land, is 390 per square mile heavier than that of the Netherlands, next most densely settled of great powers.

III – Japan is Land to Till
… of which there is only 15 percent of the total area here represented by the green of rice paddies and mulberry plantations and wheat fields.

IV – Japan is Six Cites
… of over half a million population and forty-two other cities above 75,000 and the railroads and the shipping lines and airlines which connect them.

V – Japan is Rock and Metal
… and the rock is the great backbone massive of the country and the metal stabs in by brittle nerves of rail and wire from three great industrial centers on the coast.

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