America’s Most Popular Road Trips

From an analysis carried out by Europcar on over 47 million social media posts, America has come out top for the most popular road trip destinations in the world.

The findings of the research are displayed in an interactive route planner which plots out the most popular routes and features navigable points of interests where road trippers can jump out and get their best Instagram snaps! Explore the map here:


The study also reveals that Seattle to San Diego is the most popular route worldwide with 88,899 posts, followed by Los Angeles to Las Vegas (74,176 posts) and Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon (73,430 posts). Further highlights include:
– California is the most popular state (1,193,082 posts) followed by Florida (346,047 posts)
– San Francisco is the top city to visit on a road trip with 310,318 posts

#westcoast is the most popular hashtag to be used alongside #roadtrip in the world with 197,468 mentions

USA destinations dominate the top 10 road trip cities worldwide, apart from only two spots, which are taken by Lisbon (6th) and Venice (10th).

For Americans traveling abroad, our study also looked at the most tagged routes across the rest of the world. In our global results, Australia came second to the US with neighboring Canada coming third. European road trips also performed strongly with France, Italy, UK, Spain and more featuring.

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