The World’s 100 Largest Islands, Side by Side

An island is a piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water.

Greenland is the world’s largest island, with an area of over 2.1 million km2 (0.8 million sq mi), while Australia, the world’s smallest continent, has an area of 7.6 million km2 (3.3 million sq mi), but there is no standard of size that distinguishes islands from continents.

There are 443 islands in the world that have land areas of 970 square miles (2512 square kilometers) or greater and there are 335 more islands that have land areas of 190 (492 square kilometers) to 969 (2510 square kilometers) square miles.

The 155 largest islands have landmass equal to the size of Europe.
Almost 10 percent of global population live on islands.

David Garcia depicted with the Equal Earth Projection the 100 largest islands on the planet, in shaded relief.

Hundred largest islands of the world
Light blue color – Arctic islands, aquamarine – islands with a temperate climate, green – tropical islands; @mapmakerdavid
RankCountry or countriesArea, km2Area, sq miCountries
1Greenland21308008227 Denmark
2New Guinea785753303381 Indonesia, Papua New Guinea
3Borneo748168288869 Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei
4Madagascar587041226658 Madagascar
5Baffin Island507451195928 Canada
6Sumatra443066182812 Indonesia
7Honshu2258872 Japan
8Victoria Island21729183897 Canada
9Great Britain20933180823 United Kingdom
10Ellesmere Island19623675767 Canada
11Sulawesi18068169761 Indonesia
12South Island14583656308 New Zealand
13Java13879453589 Indonesia
14North Island11158343082 New Zealand
15Luzon10996542458 Philippines
16Newfoundland108864203 Canada
17Cuba10580640852 Cuba
18Iceland10182639315 Iceland
19Mindanao97533766 Philippines
20Ireland8442132595 Ireland, United Kingdom
21Hokkaido7871930394 Japan
22Hispaniola7392928544 Dominican Republi, Haiti
23Sakhalin724932799 Russia
24Banks Island7002827038 Canada
25Sri Lanka65268252 Sri Lanka
26Tasmania6502225105 Australia
27Devon Island5524721331 Canada
28Alexander Island49071895None
29Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego4740118302 Argentina, Chile
30Severny Island (Novaya Zemlya)4707918177 Russia
31Berkner Island4387316939None
32Axel Heiberg Island4317816671 Canada
33Melville Island4214916274 Canada
34Southampton Island4121415913 Canada
35Marajу401155 Brazil
36Spitsbergen3898115051 Norway
37Kyushu3743714455 Japan
38Taiwan3588313855 Taiwan
39New Britain351451357 Papua New Guinea
40Prince of Wales Island3333912872 Canada
41Yuzhny Island (Novaya Zemlya)3324612836 Russia
42Hainan33211282 China
43Vancouver Island3128512079 Canada
44Timor2841810972 Indonesia, East Timor
45Sicily257119927 Italy
46Somerset Island24786957 Canada
47Kotelny Island2493 Russia
48Sardinia239499247 Italy
49Bananal207398 Brazil
50Shikoku18545716 Japan
51Halmahera1804697 Indonesia
52Seram Island174546739 Indonesia
53New Caledonia166486428 New Caledonia
54Bathurst Island160426194 Canada
55Prince Patrick Island158486119 Canada
56Thurston Island15761None
57Nordaustlandet144675586 Norway
58Sumbawa143865554 Indonesia
59October Revolution Island142045484 Russia
60Flores141545465 Indonesia
61King William Island131115062 Canada
62Negros130755048 Philippines
63Samar128494961 Philippines
64Palawan121894706 Philippines
65Panay120114637 Philippines
66Yos Sudarso117424534 Indonesia
67Bangka114134407 Indonesia
68Ellef Ringnes Island112954361 Canada
69Bolshevik Island112064327 Russia
70Jamaica1119432 Jamaica
71Bylot Island110674273 Canada
72Sumba107114136 Indonesia
73Mindoro105724082 Philippines
74Viti Levu105314066 Fiji
75Hawai104344029 United States
76Cape Breton Island103113981 Canada
77Prince Charles Island95213676 Canada
78Bougainville Island93183598 Papua New Guinea
79Kodiak Island9313595 United States
80Cyprus92343565 Cyprus
81Puerto Rico9135 Puerto Rico
82Komsomolets Island88123402 Russia
83Corsica87413375 France
84Qeqertarsuaq 86123325 Denmark
85Carney Island8533None
86Chiloé Island 84783273 Chile
87Buru84733271 Indonesia
88Crete835322 Greece
89Anticosti Island79413066 Canada
90Roosevelt Island791305None
91Wrangel Island78663037 Russia
92Tupinambarana773 Brazil
93New Ireland74052859 Papua New Guinea
94Leyte73682845 Philippines
95East Falkland704272United Kingdom
96Zealand70312715 Denmark
97Cornwallis Island69952701 Canada
98Prince of Wales Island66752577 United States
99Kerguelen66172555 France
100Siple Island639247None
101Graham Island63612456 Canada
102New Siberia62012394 Russia
103Melville Island57652226 Australia
104Prince Edward Island562217 Canada
105Vanua Levu55872157 Fiji
106Wellington Island55562145 Chile
107Coats Island54982123 Canada
108Bali54162091 Indonesia
109Chichagof Island5388208 United States
110Guadalcanal53532067 Solomon Islands

Hundred Largest Islands in the World by Population Density


Java is the most populated island in the world (141 million people).

Rank by DensityIslandCountriesPopulationArea (km²)People per km²
9Puerto RicoUnited States3,195,0009,104350.9
11Sri LankaSri Lanka21,440,00065,610 326.8
12Great BritainUnited Kingdom66,040,000209,331315.5
13HispaniolaDominican Republic, Haiti21,396,00076,192 280.8
16HainanChina8,670,00033,920 255.6
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