Fastest-Growing Jobs in the United States

Solar panel installer becoming the fastest-growing job in 8 states, and wind turbine service technicians becoming a popular job in 4 states.

When you look beyond the green job, the map below contains some surprises.

The gambling industry is the fastest-growing industry in New York and animal trainer is the fastest-growing job in Oregon.

The Fastest-Growing Jobs in the US

Top 5 fastest-growing jobs in the U.S.

  1. Solar panel installer (California, New Mexico, Minnesota, Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Hawaii)
  2. Wind turbine service technician (Texas, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska)
  3. Statistician (Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts)
  4. Home health aide (Pensylvania, Delaware)
  5. Biomedical engineer (Mane, Louisiana)
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