If We Enter a World War – and Lose! (1937)

Before the beginning of the Second World War, the premise was that England and Germany would make a treaty and attack the United States from Canada. The map below was published in many Hearst newspapers.

‘The United States, with the greatest resources on Earth, would suffer the fate Poland, Austria, and Germany – our prizes lands would be divided among the conquerors.’

If We Enter a World War - and Lose!
Los Angeles Examiner… A Paper for people who think (Sunday, November 14, 1937)

Washington, Oregon, California: ‘Our rich Pacific coast, with a wealth of minerals, oil, lumber, and its many natural advantages would fall east pray to the Allied conquerors. This Empire could be defended against attack from the east.

Montana, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, New York, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Lousiana, parts of Arizona, Mexico, Pennsylvania and Texas: ‘All that is left of the United States of America – reduced by pressure of embattled conquerors on all sides. We could still till our soil, man our industries and conduct our business affairs, we could ship products abroad – under supervision and control of other powers.’

Wisconsin, Michigan: ‘A big prize for one of the victors – minerals, foodstuffs, shipping outlets.’

Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut: ‘The empire state corridor conceded to U.S. as a buffer between two victorious allies who may be enemies it the next conflict’

‘New York City to high a prize to be awarded a single conqueror would be an international free port‘.

Alabama and parts of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee: ‘The “Corridor of Death”, where America’s bounty of steel, coal, and cotton could be diverted to channels of destruction, munitions plants dwarfing the combined output of all Europe would spring up in this “Buffer State”, cut out of the heart of a continent as was Poland’

Delaware, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida: ‘The reach east coast would be stripped from the U.S. and divided among foreign powers’.

Parts of Arizona, Mexico, and Texas: ‘As a reward to one of the successful allies this section, rich in farming and mineral resources, would be ceded’.

Hawai: ‘ The United States would lose this mid-pacific stepping stone and naval base’

‘Rich Alaska mineral, lumber and fur resources were taken over by a conqueror’

‘Panama canal linking the Earth’s greatest oceans would be under the joint control of victorious powers’

New Prussia

The map below appeared earlier on the cover of Life magazine on February 10, 1916, calling for direct U.S. action against German aggression in Europe.

New Prussia
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