Map of the United Kingdom, based on areas who voted Remain and Leave in Brexit

Referendum result: 51.89% voted in favor of leaving the European Union, and 48.11% voted in favor of remaining a member of the European Union. People in Scotland voted in favor of the United Kingdom staying in the United Union by 62% to 38% with all 32 council areas voted to remain. Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU by a majority of 56% to 44%. Most London boroughs vote to remain.

United Kingdom: Remain land
United Kingdom: Leave land
Esri UK

Remain Land
England – 46%
Northern Ireland – 55.8%
Scotland – 62%
Wales – 47.5%

Leave Land
England – 53.4%
Northern Ireland – 44.2%
Scotland – 38%
Wales – 52.5%


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