Spilhaus projection centered in Antartica

The world according to Athelstan Frederick Spilhaus.

pilhaus projection centered in Antartica

In 1942, the oceanographer and geophysicist Athelstan Frederick Spilhaus realizes a fascinating map. Marine regions are represented in the center of the world. The global ocean generates more than 60 percent of the ecosystem services that allow us to live, starting with the production of most of the oxygen we breathe. The map above highlights the importance of the World Ocean. The author used two projections Ernst Hammer and August Heinrich.

Global ocean circulation on a Spilhaus projection

Global ocean circulation on a Spilhaus projection
Reddit user: Petrarch1603

The opposite might be the R. Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion map projection that shows all the land masses nearly continuously.

Dymaxion map projection

Dymaxion map projection

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