Dubbing TV and Film in Europe

Dubbing films in Europe

Blue – Dubbing only for children: Otherwise solely subtitles
Orange – Mixed areas: Countries using occasionally full-cast dubbing otherwise solely subtitles
Yellow – Voice-over: Countries using usually one or just a couple of voice actors whereas the original soundtrack persists. Movies and TV shows intended for children are generally dubbed with a full-cast dubbing as well.
Red – General dubbing: Countries using exclusively a full-cast dubbing, both for films and for TV series
Blue – Belgium: Flemish-speaking regions occasionally produce own dialect dubbing versions otherwise solely with subtitles. The French-speaking region of Wallonia uses a full-cast dubbing in the French language including films and TV series as well.
Purple – Countries with a separate official language that occasionally produce own dubbings but generally using dubbing versions of other countries due to a huge similarity in their language

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