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Main import partner in Europe


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Main export partner
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Trade in goods between European Union Member States was valued — in terms of exports — at EUR 3 347 billion in 2017.

Germany was the country with the highest level of trade in 2017, contributing 22.4 % of the EU-28’s exports of goods to the other Member States and also just over one fifth (20.8 %) of the EU-28’s imports of goods from the other Member States. The Netherlands (13.0 %) was the only other country to contribute more than one-tenth of intra-EU exports, while France (11.8 %) and the United Kingdom (9.0 %) accounted for close to one-tenth of intra-EU-28 imports.

The highest shares of intra-EU trade (around 80 % of total trade) were recorded for Estonia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Luxembourg with this ratio falling to 50.2 % in the United Kingdom.


Source: Europe.eru

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