Literal translations of Mandarin Chinese names for U.S. States

Literal translations of Mandarin Chinese names for States

Literal translations of Mandarin Chinese names for “Beautiful Country”
Alabama: “Oh, to Wish to Pull Horses”
Alaska: “Oh, to Pull this Increase”
Arizona: “Inferior Profit Sauna”
Arkansas: “Oh, to Consent to Color”
California: “To Add Profit and Luck to Asian Buddhist Nun”
Colorado: “To Pull and Gather Many Branches of Study”
Connecticut: “To Blacken Healthy Tribes Standard”
Delaware: “Especially Pull Magnificence”
Florida: “To Attain and Gather Buddha Homes”
Georgia: “To Assist Punishing Asia”
Hawaii: “Prestigious Summer Barbarians”
Idaho: “Love to Attain Lotus”
Illinois: “He Promises Profit”
Indiana: “To Enjoy Native Americans”
Iowa: “Loves Mysterious Magnificence”
Kansas: “To Endure SARS”
Kentucky: “To Consent to Basic Morality”
Louisiana: “That Peaceful Louis”
Maine: “Distant Reason”
Maryland: “Horse Home Orchid”
Massachusetts: “Strategic Path of Various Bodhisattva Horses”
Michigan: “The Basis of Secret Rest”
Minnesota: “To Revive to Attain Bright Buddist Nun”
Mississippi: “Secret Double Western Ratio”
Missouri: “To Revive Secret Home”
Montana: “Ignorant Big Capture”
Nebraska: “To Pull and Increase this Internal Cloth”
Nevada: “Attain Magnificence Inside”
New Hampshire: “To Announce New Rare Assorted Cloth-Like That”
New Jersey: “New Western Moist”
New Mexico: “New Western Ink Elder Brother”
New York: “To Restrict Buttons”
North Carolina: “To Enjoy Collecting Next Northern Calorie”
North Dakota: “To Attain His Northern Branch”
Ohio: “Very Soon Year of the Boar Very Soon”
Oklahoma: “Very Soon to Be Able to Pull What Horse”
Oregon: “To Force a Mound Very Soon”
Pennsylvania: “The Inferior Buddhist Nun Law of Dusk Visitors”
Rhode Island: “To Collect Islands”
South Carolina: “To Enjoy Collecting Next Southern Calorie”
South Dakota: “To Attain His Southern Branch”
Tennessee: “To Enjoy Western Fields”
Texas: “Kindness to Restrain SARS”
Utah: “Still Him”
Vermont: “Especially Ignorant Buddha”
Virginia: “Not Lucky Asian Buddhist Nun”
Washington: “Flourishing Magnificence at Once”
West Virginia: “Not Lucky Western Asian Buddhist Nun”
Wisconsin: “This Prestigious Healthy Star”
Wyoming: “Suddenly Bright Bosom”

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