Economic growth by country and global (1961 – 2016)

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Economic Crises
1973: OPEC oil price shock
1979: the Energy crisis
1973 – 1975: Secondary banking crisis in the United Kingdom
The late 1970s – early 1980s: Latin American debt crisis
The early 1980s: Recession
1982: Chilean crisis
1983: Bank stock crisis in Israel
1986–1992: Japanese asset price bubble
1987:  Black Monday in the United States
1986-1995: Savings and loan crisis in the U.S.
The early 1990s: Recession
1991: India economic crisis
1991-1993: Finnish banking crisis
The 1990s: Swedish banking crisis
1994: Economic crisis in Mexico
1997: Asian financial crisis
1998: Russian financial crisis
1998-2999: Ecuador financial crisis
1999-2002: Argentine economic crisis
1999: Samba effect in Brazil
The early 2000s: Recession
2000-2002: Dot-com bubble in the United States
2001: Turkish economic crisis
2002: Uruguay banking crisis
2002-2003: Venezuelan general strike3
2007-2009: Financial Crisis
Late-2000s global recession
2003-2009: energy crisis oil price bubble
2007-2010: Subprime mortgage crisis in the United States
2003-2011:  The United States housing bubble and the United States housing market correction
2008-2010: Automotive industry crisis in the United States
2008–2010: Irish banking crisis
2008–2012: Icelandic financial crisis
2008-2009: Russian financial crisis
2008: Latvian financial crisis
2009–2010: Venezuelan banking crisis
2008-2016 Spanish financial crisis
2009: European sovereign debt crisis
2009: Greek government-debt crisis
2010-2014: Portuguese financial crisis
2012: Crisis in Bolivarian Venezuela
2013-2014: Ukrainian crisis
2014: Russian financial crisis
2014-2017: Brazilian economic crisis
2015: Chinese stock market crash
2012-2017: Venezuela crisis

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