The Russian Spider Sits Atop the World and Watches for More Victims

“Soviet Russia, under the Dictator Stalin, has cast aside all regard for international law and prepares to follow the Finland grab with a policy of international piracy overall Eurasia, by conquest and subversive activity.”

The Russian Spider Sits Atop the World and Watches for More Victims

“Soviet Russia’s wanton attack on Finland is not merely a punitive expedition. It is the prelude to a general expansion that will engulf most of Europe and Asia and ultimately the world, if not stopped.

For 22 years Russia, mainly under the guidance of Joseph Stalin, has carefully prepared the way for her present actions by two lines of endeavor. She has built up her own military strength until she has the world’s largest army, and she has, through her foreign office and Ogpu, directed subversive activities in many other countries to “soften up” her anticipated victims.

Now that Europe is at war, Russia marches. She feels that Britain, France, and Germany are unable to combat her and that Italy won’t. She also feels that America is too far away and too much engrossed in her domestic problems to bother about Russia. Japan is waging a war on China and has her hands full.

The question is: After Finland, what?”


“Those who believe they know what the Russian bear, poisoned by Bolshevism, will undertake, if and after she conquers Finland, point to Bessarabia as the next point of attack.

Bessarabia, part of Ukraine, was affixed to Rumania by the Versailles Treaty after the World War, The Ukrainians did not like Czarist Russia and most of them do not like Bolshevik Russia any better.

Already Russia has threatened Rumania, it is reported. There also are rumblings of threats against Hungary where there are thousands of Ruthenians who also are Ukrainians.

The Balkans and Turkey, Iraq, Persia, northwestern India, together with Sinkiang province in China, Kansu and Mongolia, already allied with the Soviets, and in the distance. Manchukuo—all these are areas desired by Russia.

And over the hill called the North Pole, and just across the Bering Strait, a distance of about 56 miles, is Alaska, once owned by Russia and eyed longingly by her now.

To the west, beyond Finland, lie Sweden and Norway, also delectable morsels of earth. Will Russia seek to do by conquest what she has failed to do by propaganda .. . dominate the world? That is the fear that now grips the chancelleries.”


Los Angeles Examiner, 1940

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