Percent of population who describes their U.S. state as the “Worst possible state to live in”

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Illinois, Connecticut, Mississippi, Lousiana are worst possible U.S. states to live in. These states have the lower level of health and the high level of crime and air pollution.

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  • Anne Butzen

    Illinois doesn’t surprise me at all. A lot of us have voted with our feet, and more are leaving all the time.

  • Daniel J Read

    No available data for Montana, doesn’t surprise me. Best state to live in!

  • Angie

    Connecticut is the biggest shithole of all, and a lot of it has to do with their corrupt bureaucratic class that feed off the general population like parasites.
    According to the annual movers survey, there are four states that consistently top of the list of states people are fleeing from:
    New Jersey, New York, Illinois and Connecticut, the four frightfully Ugly Sisters.