Map showing where all the croplands are in the world

This map below shows cropland distribution across the world in a nominal 30-meter resolution.

Croplands in the World

Agricultural lands cover some 40 percent of the world’s land area. But not all crops are equal: wheat, maize, rice, and soybeans together account for 60% of all croplands.

Global distribution of four major crops
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Croplands cover 1.53 billion ha while pasture for animal grazing covers another 3.38 billion ha, a total of 38% of the earth’s ice-free land.  Agriculture has already converted 70% of the world’s grassland, 50% of the savanna, 45% of the temperate deciduous forest, and 27% of the tropical forest biome.

Agricultural areas in the world

Total land used for agriculture since 10,000 BC, measured in ha (hectares). Source:

In 2025, the total global cropland area is expected to be 1.56 billion ha.

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