The countries that have gained the most wealth over the last decades

The countries that have gained the most wealth over the last decades


The United Kingdom
For the past 30 years, London has been a top destination for global High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), but that changed for the first time In 2017.
This change can be attributed to Brexit and new taxes.

European Union
This time span Includes the 2008 financial crisis, which had a particularly strong effect on wealth In Europe. Greece bore the brunt of this, dropping 37% In total wealth held since 2007.

Vietnam’s role as an emerging manufacturing hub has helped It become the fastest growing wealth market In the world over the last decade. The country’s wealth market Is predicted to continue growing In the near future.

Venezuela’s escalating economic turmoil driven by the collapse of oil prices and runaway Inflation caused the nation to experience the largest drop In wealth over the last decade.

Even though GDP growth has slowed somewhat In recent years, China Is still creating a staggering amount of wealth. Even as thousands of wealthy Chinese citizens migrate to places like Canada and Australia, the country Is still creating more HNWIs than Its losing.

Australia Is the world’s 9th richest country, with $6.1 trillion In total wealth held. Much of this has come In the last 10 years, a remarkable feat for a developed economy.



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