Timeline of same-sex partnership rights globally (1962 – 2017)

Timeline of same-sex partnership rights globally, 1962 - 2017


Dark blue: Same-sex marriage
Greenish blue: Recognise marriages from other jurisdictions
Blue: Registered partnerships
Light blue: Unregistered cohabitation
Grey: No recognition
Red: Constitution limits marriage to opposite-sex couples

Homosexuality laws around the world, 2017

Homosexuality laws around the world

Main points:
 – Homosexuality is punishable by death only in the northern provinces of Nigeria, in the southern provinces, it is punishable by imprisonment.
– Homosexuality is only illegal in some Indonesian provinces, not all.
– Gay marriage is not legal in Northern Ireland, only Civil unions.
– Other types of partnership can range from Unregistered cohabitation, like Costa Rica, to Civil unions, like Switzerland or Italy.

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