The Richest People on Each Continent

The Billionaire Club is growing faster than ever before, welcoming 145 new members in 2016. Asia has become the hottest region for billionaire growth. The report said Asia now has more billionaires than the United States. has – although the U.S. still has by far the largest number of billionaires than any single country. The United States has 563 billionaires compared with 318 in China, according to the report. Yet China added a net new 67 billionaires last year compared with 25 net new billionaires in the U.S. Europe added a net of only three billionaires last year. The United States also has the largest share of billionaire wealth – $2.8 trillion.

The Richest People


1. Jeff Bezos – $97.7 billion (Technology)
2. Amancio Ortega – $80.1 Billion (Fashion, Investing, and Real Estate)
3. Jorge Paulo Leman – $30.4 Billion (Food and Beverage)
4. Wang Jianlin – $25.1 Billion (Entertainment and Real Estate)
5. Gina Rinehart – $16.6 Billion (Mining)
6. Aliko Dangote – $13.1 Billion (Cement, Sugar, Flour, Salt)

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