Map of the Partitions of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1799)

“A map of the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Dutchy of Lithuania including Samogitia and Curland, divided according to their dismemberments”

“This map is reduced from the Map of Rizzi Zannoni published at Paris in 1772, in 24 sheets, at the expense of the King of Poland.”

“The province called heretofore New Servia or New Rufsia, now making the Western Part of the Government of Catharinoslav according to the New Division of the Russians, is laid down, as well as the adjacent part of the New Government Taurida, from the Manuscript Map of L’Colonel Baron Rosen.”

“The Limits of the dismembered provinces a laid down according to the several manifestoes delivered in 1775 at Warsaw, by the Imperial, Russian, and Prussian ambassadors and finally adjusted in March 1797.”

“According to M’Coxe’s account Poland with Lithuania, before the dismemberment, contained 14,260,000 inhabitants.
The Auftrian province of Galicia dismembered from Poland contains 2,580,000 inhabitants.
The Rufsian province dismembered from Lithuania contains 1,550,000 inhabitants
The Prufsian province dismembered from Poland, and now called Weftern Prufsia contains 800,000.”

“Population of the dismembered provinces – 4,930,000.
Remain to Poland and Lithuania – 9,330,000 (Among whom 640,000 are Jews)”

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