The distribution of the human race (1851)

Ethnographical map showing the distribution of the human race.

The distribution of the human race

The Caucasian. Skull of the most symmetrical form, forehead open, cheekbones low & but slightly projecting, jaws well rounded, & teeth vertical.

The Mongolian. Skull square and elevated at the vertex, cheekbones projecting outwards, nose & face flat angle of the eye depressed, and chin prominent.

The Ethiopian. Skull narrow, compressed and elongated from front to back, forehead convex, cheekbones projecting forwards jaws elongated, front teeth turned obliquely forwards.

The Malay. Skull small, dome high and rounded forehead low, mouth wide with projecting upper jaws, and teeth resembling the Negroes.

The American. Skull like the Mongolian but the forehead low and the eyes sunk.”

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