Map of the Eastern hemisphere in 1066 AD

Map of the Eastern hemisphere in 1066 AD

While William the Conqueror is preparing his invasion of England, the rest of the world is changing… fast France and the Holy Roman Empire stand as the most powerful realms in Europe.

With every year, Muslim Spain is more fragmented, and with every year Christian Kingdoms in the north of the peninsula grow stronger, eagerly awaiting their time of revenge.

Sub-Saharan African states are growing ever more rich with their trade.

Byzantine influence in the Mediterranean has vanished, instead, they look to the east, arrogantly dismissing their Seljuk adversaries as nothing more than a new eastern rival, how soon will they change their tune.
Very soon the crusades will follow and near east will never be the same.

Further east, Indians are fighting against Muslims Turks while in their south, Cholas are finding their luck in Thailand.

Russia is divided between Rurik’s desendants.
In Eurasia many Turkic states are emerging.

And this brings us to China, which experiencing another golden age under the Song Dynasty.

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