German Federal Election (2017)

The map shows in real-time the voting in Germany’s federal elections on 24 September 2017 – for each of its 299 constituencies. The constituencies are colored according to the party with the most votes: the stronger the victory, the darker the color. The results for constituencies can be viewed by clicking/tapping the constituency, or by searching for the constituency. Every vote, every party, and every candidate is presented. Only candidate votes (first votes) for independent candidates have been excluded.

German Federal Election (2017)

Via Morgenpost

Via Bloomberg

Bundestag Seats 2017:
Alliance of parties Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) and Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU) – 246
Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) – 153
Alternative for Germany (AFD) – 94
Free Democratic Party (FDP) – 80
Left – 69
Greens – 67

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