Every Country’s Biggest Import and Export

Every Country’s Biggest Import

Every Country's Biggest Import
Credit: vouchercloud.com

– 97 of 187 countries – over half – import some kind of fuel more than anything else, with crude petroleum (18 countries) and refined petroleum (74 countries) the most common.
– cars are imported from 26 countries more than anything else – including the likes of Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
– the 12 poorest and most remote countries importing food and produce more than anything else, three import wheat, two pull in poultry and two more reap in rice.

Every Country’s Biggest Exports

Every Country's Biggest Exports
Credit: vouchercloud.com

– Fuel is still the most common export overall, though only 53 of 187 countries export some kind of fuel more than anything else. Crude petroleum (24 countries) and refined petroleum (18 countries) split the difference here, though petroleum gas (11 countries) is also high on the list.
– Metal, mineral and organic exports are in 2nd place, with 50 countries exporting raw materials above anything else.
– Food is the biggest export for many countries – 35 of the 187 included.
– Most of Western Europe deal in manufactured products across the transportation category, while the world’s poorer nations are naturally reliant on natural resources (fuels, metals, mineral).

Via: vouchercloud.com

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