European Ancestry Map

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Turks comes from the Central Asian steppes and are part of the Turkic language group, a language completely distinct from both Asiatic and Indo-European and probably racially so. Similar to other Steppe peoples. However, the conquest of racially Greek/Syriac Anatolia diluted the Turkic race gene pool. Hence people who are somewhat “white” but consider themselves Turkic.Similar to how the English race today see themselves as Anglo-Saxon (Germanic) but racially they’re >50% Celtic in genes- they were conquered by a Germanic (and Germanic cultured) upper class, once by Anglo-Saxons in the 500s and again by the Nordic (but French cultured) Normans in the 1000s.

More than 90% of the average Turkish man’s ancestry is completely unrelated to the ancient nomadic Turks. The vast majority of their ancestry is Ancient Greek, Ancient Anatolian, as well as various Levantine, Mesopotamian, and Caucasian (from the Caucasus mountains) groups.

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