Rate of adherence to Lutheranism by U.S. county

Rate of adherence to Lutheranism by U.S. county

Lutherans in US

The following denominations are combined on this map:
American Association of Lutheran Churches*
Apostolic Lutheran Church of America*
Association of Free Lutheran Congregations*
Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America
Church of the Lutheran Confession*
Conservative Lutheran Association*
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod
Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ
North American Lutheran Church*
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Denominations with an asterisk only provided data on their number of congregations for the study and not their membership numbers. To include them, I found the average number of members per congregation in the six denominations that did report their membership, which came out to 398 members/church. I then multiplied that by the number of congregations of the six non-reporting denominations in each county, found what percentage of the population that would be, and added it to the known percentage of Lutherans. At this point, you may be concerned and thinking that half of my data is made up, but don’t be- those asterisked denominations are tiny. The ELCA, LCMS, WELS, CLBA, ELS, and LCMC make up over 80% of all American Lutherans.

George Eastman, Data Source: thearda.com

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