The Most Difficult Place To Get To In the World?

This is a map from 1914 that details travel times around the world if you started in London back then most of Europe could be reached and under five days travel time while more remote parts of Scandinavia and Russia would take five to ten days, getting to San Francisco could have taken up to 20 days didn’t he could have taken up to 40 days and they were part on every continent except for Europe that would have still taken months to actually get to today however the travel times are absurdly lower all of Europe can be reached and under half a day’s journey as well as large parts of North America Africa and Asia the journey to San Francisco that would have taken 20 days 100 years ago now take only half a day the journey to Sydney that would have taken 40 days now takes just about one day much of the world has been opened to Rapid Transportation thanks to modern air travel but there are still a few places that haven’t kept up with the rest of the world.

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