Literature Map of the World

Literature Map of the World

Americas and Europe:

Canada – Anne of Green Gables; United States – To Kill a Mocking Bird; Mexico – Pedro Paramo; Guatemala – Men of Maize; Belize – Beka Lamb Honduras – Cipotes; El Salvador – Bitter Grounds; Nicaragua – The Country Under my Skin; Costa Rica – La Isla de los hombres solos; Panama – Plenilunio; Colombia – 100 Years of Solitude; Venezuela – Dona Barbara; Guyana – Palace of the Peacock; Suriname – The Price of Sugar; French Guiana – Papillon; Ecuador – The Villager; Brazil – Dom Casmurro; Peru – Death in the Andes; Bolivia – Bronze Race; Paraguay – I the Supreme; Argentina – Ficciones; Chile – The House of the Spirits; Uruguay – Soccer in the Sun and Shadow; Cuba – Havana Bay Haiti – Breath, Eyes, Memory; Dominican Republic – Wonderful Life of Oscar Wao; Bahamas – The Measure of a Man; Jamaica – A brief history of Seven Killings; Puerto Rico – When I was Puerto Rican Lesser; Antilles – Wide Sargasso Sea; Greenland – Islands, the Universe, Home

Norway – Hunger; Iceland – Jar City; Sweden – Gosta Berling’s Saga; Finland – The Unknown Soldier; Denmark – Feeling for Snow; Latvia – Nāvas Ena; Estonia – Truth and Justice; Lithuania – Black Sheep; Belarus – Voices from Chernobyl; Ukraine – Death and the Penguin; Moldova – A Siberian Education; Romania – Forest of the Hanged; Bulgaria – Under the Yoke; Poland – Pan Tadeusz; Germany – Buddenbrooks; Netherlands – The Discovery of Heaven; Belgium – The Sorrow of Belgium; Luxembourg – In Reality: Selected Poems; United Kingdom – Great Expectations Ireland – Ulysses; Czechia – The Good Soldier; Slovakia – Rivers of Babylon; France – The Count of Monte Cristo; Spain – Don Quixote; Portugal – Baltasar and Blimunda; Austria – The Man Without Qualities; Switzerland – Heidi; Italy – The Divine Comedy; Slovenia – Alamut; Croatia – Cafe Europa; Hungary – Eclipse of the Crescent Moon; Bosnia and Herzegovina – Zlata’s diary; Serbia – Dictionary of the Khazars; Montenegro – Montenegro: A Novel; Albania – The General of the Dead Army; Macedonia – Freud’s Sister; Greece – The Iliad; Russia – War and Peace.

Asia and Australia:

Turkey – My Name is Red; Georgia – Knight in the Panther’s Skin; Armenia – The Fool; Azerbaijan – Ali and Nino; Iran – Shahnameh; Iraq – The Corpses Exhibition and Other Stories; Syria – The Dark Side of love; Lebanon – The Hakawati; Israel – Mornings in Jenin; Syria – The Dark Side of Love; Kuwait – A Map of Home; UAE – The Sand Fish; Saudi Arabia – Cities of Salt; Qatar – The Emergence of Qatar; Yemen – The Hostage; Oman – The Turtle of Oman; Kazakhstan – The Book of Words; Turkmenistan – The Tale of Aypi; Uzbekistan – Chasing the Sea; Kyrgyzstan – Jamilia; Tajikistan – Hurramabad; Afghanistan – Kite Runner; Pakistan – The Reluctant Fundamentalist; Nepal – The Palpasa Cafe; India – The God of Small Things; Bhutan – the Circle of Karma; Bangladesh – A Golden Age; Myanmar – Smile as they Bow; Laos – In the Other Side of the Eye; Thailand – The Four Reigns; Vietnam – The Sorrows of War; Cambodia – First they Killed my Family; Taiwan – Green Island; Sri Lanka – Anil’s Ghost; Mongolia – The Blue Sky North Korea – The Aquariums of Pyongyang South Korea – The Vegetarian Japan – Kokoro; China – The Dream of the Red Chamber; Malaysia – The Garden of Evening Mists; Brunei – Some Girls; Indonesia – This Earth of Mankind; Philippines – Noli Me Tangere; East Timor – The Redundancy of Courage

Australia – Cloudstreet; Papua New Guinea – Death of a Muruk; Vanuatu – Black Stone; Solomon Islands – Suremada; Fiji – Tales of the Tikongs; New Zealand – The bone People

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