• Mark Reardon

    There are no In and Out burgers in Colorado.

  • John Gordon

    Where is an in n out in Washington State?

    • BernieFlatters

      According to the In n Out website, they have no locations in WA.

      • John Gordon

        And according to a friend who loves road trips and hamburgers, there is ONE In-and-out in Oregon and none in Hawaii either. Just more #FakeNews, I guess. ha ha

    • Steve Skubinna

      My question exactly. WTF did that come from?

  • Kenneth Neil

    There are no Steak ‘n Shakes in North Dakota at all.

    • DinsdalePiranha

      Not since the Gayville Peterson gang rustled the beef ‘n dairy cows in ’14, don’t cha know?

  • Gemma Circle

    I’ve never seen a Five Guys in KY.