San Francisco: An isochronous map for public transportation

San Francisco: An isochronous map for public transportation

Given a starting point it shows what you can reach within a certain time limit using public transportation (so subway, trains, bus, but no car)

Since commute times with public transportation vary greatly depending on the time of day, traffic, luck for catching the bus, we made a few asumptions:

• The frequency of each line of subway, bus, is computed as an average over the commute hours of 7am to 9am

• You’ll wait an average amount each time you catch a bus or a train (so if a line has a service every 10 minutes, commutometerwill make you wait 5min to take it).

This rule is likely to change soon, since typically people time their commute a little better and don’t leave their house at a random time.

• You’ll walk a leisurly pace of 1.2 meters per second. This is a little below the ‘preferred walking speed’ according to Wikipedia.

• Only the transportation agency sharing publicly their data in GTFS are represented here. If you think a local agency is missing and they are sharing their data, please contact us on our twitter account.

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