What New York City Could Look Like in 2020

Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards

This 17-million-square-foot complex, the largest private development project in the United States, will include five office towers, 5,000 residences, a public school for 750 students, and 14 acres of public open space—at a cost of $20 billion. Considered the most challenging engineering project in the city, it will be constructed on top of two steel-and-concrete platforms over one of the world’s busiest rail yards. All utilities will be located 40 feet above sea level, making it a likely refuge during natural disasters.

57th Street Corridor, or “Billionaires’ Row”

NYC 57th Street Corridor, or "Billionaires’ Row"

Residential luxury skyscrapers are springing up along 57th Street and nearby, an area that’s come to be called Billionaires’ Row. With views of Central Park and downtown Manhattan, the upper-floor apartments are ultraexpensive: A penthouse in One57 sold for $100.4 million in 2015, the most ever paid for a single residence in the city. With still more tall buildings planned, urban-planning groups complain that they cast long shadows on Central Park, depriving other city dwellers of that most basic of commodities: sunlight.

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