Mapping the Voting intention of UK MPs in the European Referendum

There are 649 MPs currently sitting in the House of Commons (One seat is currently vacant), that is 649 locally influential people whom in the coming months will do their best to persuade their constituents on which way to vote in the upcoming European Referendum. As of March 21st, there are 145 MPs intending to vote leave, 1 neutral (the speaker), 55 MPs not declared, and 448 MPs intending to vote to remain part of the European Union.

As a percentage: 22.3% of MPs wish to leave, 8.62% neutral/ Not declared, and 69% intending to remain.

The map shows nothing we didn’t expect already. Scotland and Wales overall want to stay in the EU. Meanwhile the majority of MPs who which to leave are in the the more rural areas of England, again no surprise. What this map shows the most is the position of NI MPs, which remains interestingly ambiguous.


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