What Every U.S. State is Best at

 What every U.S. State is best at:
Alabama – Most concealed carry licenses
Alaska – Most pilots per capita
Arizona – Sunniest state
Arkansas – Most dod owners
California – Most breastfed babies
Colorado – Least obese
Connecticut – Most twin births
Delaware – Most moderate
Florida – Most 4-year olds in preschools
Georgia – Top peanut producer
Hawaii – Least likely to collide with a deer
Idaho – Cheapest groceries
Illinois – Most units of local government
Indiana – Most licensed drivers
Iowa – the Lowest divorce rate
Kansas – Most teenage volunteers
Kentucky – Highest graduation rate for economically disadvantages students
Louisiana – Most residents born in State
Maine – Least violent crime
Maryland – Fewest accidental deaths
Massachusetts – Fewest traffic fatalities
Michigan – Most lighthouses
Minnesota – Most food cooperatives per capita
Mississippi – Most sleep per night
Missouri – Best trails
Montana – Longest cat lifespans
Nebraska – Most homes with indoor plumbing
Nevada – Most hot springs
New Hampshire – Fewest poor people
New Jersey – Least smokeless tobacco usage
New Mexico – Best an electing presidents
New York – Highest salaries
North Carolina – Biggest producer of sweet potatoes
North Dakota – Biggest penises
Ohio – Most library visits per capita
Oklahoma – Most man-made lakes
Oregon – Most craft breweries per capita
Pennsylvania – Most hot springs
Rhode Island – Lowest energy consumption per capita
South Carolina – Most polite
South Dakota – Best state for retirement
Tennessee – Larges walleye ever caught
Texas – Most wind energy
Utah – Most charitable
Vermont – Most frequent exercisers
Virginia – Most vanity license plates
Washington – Bicycle-friendliest
West Virginia – Highest homeownership rate
Wisconsin – Biggest cheese producer
Wyoming – the Lowest rate of syphilis


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