The United States of Shame

The U.S. of Shame
What is your state the worst at?
Alabama: Stroke
Alaska: Suicide
Arizona: Alcoholism
Arkansas: Worst credit score
California: Air pollution
Colorado: Cocaine use
Connecticut: Breast cancer
Delaware: Abortion
Florida: Identity theft
Georgia: Most sickly
Hawaii: Cost of living
Idaho: Weakest government influence
Illinois: Robbery
Indiana: Least green state
Iowa: Oldest state
Kansas: Poorest health
Kentucky: Cancer death
Louisiana: Gonorrhea
Maine: Dumbest state
Maryland: AIDS
Massachusetts: Worst drivers
Michigan: Unemployment
Minnesota: Tornadoes
Mississippi: Obesity
Missouri: Bankruptcy
Montana: Drunk driving
Nebraska: Violence on females
Nevada: Crime
New Hampshire: Corporate taxes
New Jersey: Taxes
New Mexico: Antisocial
New York: Daily commute
North Carolina: Teacher salary
North Dakota: Ugliest residents
Ohio: Nerdiest state
Oklahoma: Female criminals
Oregon: Homeless population
Pennsylvania: Arson
Rhode Island: Drug use
South Carolina: Most mobile homes
South Dakota: Rape
Tennessee: Corruption
Texas: High school graduation
Utah: Porn usage
Vermont: Infertility
Virginia: Motorcycle deaths
Washington: Bestiality
West Virginia: Heart attack
Wisconsin: Binge drinking
Wyoming: Fatal car crashes

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