New York City Maps

- New Netherland settlements & areas of influence (1614 - 1674)
- Urban Scratchoff
- Interactive map of New York City in the year 1609
- Map of Manhattan by Joan Vinckeboons (1639) 
- New Amsterdam (1660)
- New Amsterdam (1662)
- Plan of the New York City (1776)
- A British map of New York City (1776)
- A British Map of New York City (1777)
- Map of lower Manhattan (1803)
- Map of Manhattan (1865)
- Coast Survey Nautical Chart of Map of New York City & Harbor (1866)
- Bird's-eye-view of the Manhattan, published by Currier & Ives (1870)
- Bird's-Eye Map of Greater New York (1897)
- Mapping the skyscrapers of Manhattan by use and date (1874 - 1900)
- Visualizing 19th-Century New York 
- Map of the New York City Central Railroad (1918)
- A map of the wondrous isle of Manhattan (1926)
- NYC real property inventory report (1934)
The Reaches of New York City (1939)
- What if the New York City subway map paid homage to some of the city’s great women?
- New York City - Historical maps compared with Maps of Today
- Along the Hudson river from Glens Falls to New York City

- Europe divided by New York City GDP- Europe divided by New York City GDP
- Income Distribution in New York City
- Mapping New York's economy
- New York city’s schools are even more divided than housing
- Inequality in New York City (1960-2010)
- NYC neighborhoods: Mobility and Economic Opportunity
- NYC by equivalent state population
- ALSO an area in the U.S. with equivalent population of NYC
- U.S. States with a smaller population than NYC 
- New York City Maps

- How Every New York City Neighborhood Voted in the Democratic and Republican Primary

Crime maps
New York City cycling incident map
New York City crime trends
- New York City felonies map
- New York City crime rank
- Death map New York
- The gangs of New York
- New York car crashes (2013 - 2015)
- Every Crime in New York City (2015)
- CrimeTeller: Crime street view
- The Most Dangerous PokeStops in New York City
- New York City crime map

- New York City Transit Flows
New York City's Commuter Rail Network overlaid on Belgium
- Comprehensive map of the entire New York - Newark - Jersey City transit system
NYC Subway: Map vs. Geographic Distances
- New York City subway track map
- NYC cabs - direction of travel
Mapzen's new bike map
New York City transportation accessibility
- Breathing city: Manhattan's at work & home population animated by hour
- New York City Subway stations renamed after their most popular Instagram hashtag
- NYC average work commute times
- New York's Subway Deserts
- New York City boroughs journey to work-driving ca alone vs. walk/public transportation
- New York City transit frequency
- Transit Time NYC
- Yellow Taxi Trips (2015)
- New York Citi Bike Rebalancing Study
- New York City bikeshare activity map (June 22, 2016)
- New York Citi bike most popular roads (Sep - Nov 2015)
- New York City Subway (December 2016)
- Every elevator and escalator in NYC
- How commuters get to Manhattan
- The subway of New York City
- New York City metropolitan area drawn only from roads
- NYC Real-Time Traffic Map
- Yellow Cabs vs Uber in New York City
Map of New York City by geotagged tweets (2009-2013)

Real Estate
An interactive view of the housing boom and bust in the NYC
Manhattan Skyscraper Explorer
New York City in 3D
Manhattan in 3D
How tall will new buildings in my New York City neighborhood be?
Where can you buy a property for $1,000,000 in New York City?
- If Manhattan was a mountain...
- Subway stops and median rents NYC, 2016
- Which buildings in the Manhattan couldn`t be built again today?
- New York City Residential Property Sales (2010-2015)
- 3D Pricing map of NYC (price/sq.ft. by neighborhood)
- Airbnb in New York City
- The Displacement Alert Project Map of New York City
- What New York City Could Look Like in 2020
- 3D Population Density Inspector
- Building Age New York City
- Every eviction case in New York City since 2013
- Building heights of Manhattan
- Morningside Heights Historic District Explorer
- The neighborhoods of Manhattan
New York City Construction (1880 - 2017)

Childhood lead poisoning in New York City
New York Seascape
- 8 U.S. State populations that fit into the 5 New York boroughs
- Noise in New York City
- Mapping snow removal in New York
- New York City greenhouse gas emissions
- Energy use in NYC's biggest buildings
- Animated noise complaint maps
- New York City street trees by species 
- NYC Street Tree Map
- Map of NYC subway system that shows how many calories you would burn walking (or swimming) between stations
- New York City Under Water
- The long Journey of NYC solid waste 
- Future of New York City (2118)
New York City Dogs per Capita by ZIP Code

- New York City Restaurant Inspections

Ethnic maps
The Modern Transformation of NYC (2000 - 2015)
- Most commonly spoken language in New York City that isn’t English or Spanish
Languages of New York City
- Ethnic neighborhoods in NYC by world region
The Changing Face of New York City (2000 - 2010)
Racial diversity of New York City
Race and ethnicity map of New York City and parts of New Jersey

- Where 25 iconic movies were filmed in New York City
- TV Shooting Locations in New York City

- Where hipsters thrive and you can't hide
- Stereotype map of Manhattan
- Map of New York City stereotypes
- Graffiti Reports in New York City over the past year
- Amazing drawing of Manhattan
- Complex logarithmic view of the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, in the context of the whole Earth

Educational Attainment in New York City