Languages of the Byzantine Empire (580 AD)

Languages of the Byzantine Empire (580 AD)
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Greek and Latin were the official languages in the Byzantine Empire. Although Latin was the official language until the 7th century AD, it was never as popular as Greek, since the population of the Eastern Roman Empire was mostly Greek-speaking. Emperor Heraclius decided to Hellenise his empire, by replacing Latin with ancient Greek. That shows how Greece conquered Rome in cultural terms, back in 146 B.C. Everyone knows that the Roman Empire conquered Greece, but for some reason, there is a common misconception that they also conquered Greece culturally as well, while it is vice versa.

Unlike Greek, which evolved and survived, ancient Latin slowly died, and the languages that derived from it, are fundamentally different to the point where modern Italian or Romanian are so different that no modern Italian or Romanian can understand a Latin text without proper ancient studies.
The question is why Latin changed so much, unlike Greek.
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