The top ten richest and poorest areas in northern Europe

Poorest and richest areas in northern Europe
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1. Inner London (UK)
2. Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
3. Brussels (Belgium)
4. Hamburg (Germany)
5. Ilie de France (France)
6. Groningen (Netherlands)
7. Stockholm (Sweden)
8. Oberbayern (Germany)
9. Vienna (Austria)
10. Darmstadt (Germany)

1. West Wales (UK)
2. Cornwall (UK)
3. Durham and Tees Valley (UK)
4. Lincolnshire (UK)
5. South Yorkshire (UK)
6. Shropshire and Staffordshire (UK)
7. Lancashire (UK)
8. Northern Ireland (UK)
9. Hainaut (Belgium)
10. East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire (UK)

Data: Eurostat
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