What thetruesize.com really does
Using thetruesize.com it is apparent that Argentina, compared to Europe, is larger than many had thought. Especially the nothern part of Argentina, which apparently is enormous.

However, thetruesize.com does not "cancel out" the effects of the Mercator projection. It applies them twice!

Thetruesize.com is also a Mercator world map, meaning that by shifting a southern country northwards, this country and the background comparison map are both Mercatorized.
This is the exact same effect that enlarges Greenland in the first place!
This does not only apply when shifting Argentina to the north. Conversely, moving Europe southwards produces the same effect, especially in Southern Europe, due to Argentina's approximately similar distance from the Antarctic regions.

To achieve a truly true size comparison between Argentina and Europe, both regions should be placed on the Equator. Evidenly, Argentina truly is large in comparison to Europe. But not Mercator-large.

Redit user: Kommunal_prosess
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Alex E

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