The most impactful invention by U.S. state

The most impactful invention by U.S. state

The most impactful invention by US state
• Alaska - Kayak (A one-person boat made of a light frame with a watertight covering), N/A
• Alabama - Electric hearing AID (An electronic device worn in or behind the ear for amplifying sound), 1895
• Arizona - Taser (An electric non-lethal weapon that is meant to incapacitate), 1923
• Arkansas - Sound-cinema (Sound synchronized with motion picture, as opposed to a silent film), 1993
• California - iPhone (Revolutionary smart phone from Apple), 2005-2007
• Colorado - Tampon (Feminine hygiene product), 1929
• Connecticut - Vulcanized rubber (Stabilized rubber created by the vulcanization process, mainly for automotive tire manufacturing), 1845
• Washington D.C. - Telegraph & Morse Code (The first official telegram was sent from  Washington D.C. to Baltimore), 1844
• Delaware - Kevlar (Strong material used most notably for body armor), 1965
• Florida - Personal computer (IBM designed the first computer made for personal-use), 1769
• Georgia - Cotton gin (A machine used to separate cotton fiber from seeds), 1794
• Hawaii - Surfboard (Board used for standing while riding waves), 1769
• Idaho - Television (Device tha receives signals and reproduces them on a screen), 1927
• Illinois - Cell phone (Known as "the brick", the first cell phone was 2.5lbs and 10 inches long), 1973
• Indiana - Gas pump (Equipment used to dispense fuel into the tank of a motor vehicle), 1885
• Iowa - Tractor (Used mainly on farms for hauling equipment and trailers), 1892
• Kansas - Helicopter (Type of aircraft that can land vertically, hover, and fly forward and backwards), 1909
• Kentucky - Gas mask (Used to cover a person's face as a defence against poisonous gas), 1914
• Louisiana - Binocular microscope (Used to get a microscopic view of substances), 1836-1850
• Maine - Dive suit (Breathing device used to explore underwater environments), 1834
• Maryland - Latex medical gloves (Used to prevent the transfer of germs between doctor and patient), 1894
• Massachusetts - World Wide Web (Made accessing online data easier for the general public), 1990
• Michigan - Assembly line (Efficient process for mass producing complex products), 1902
• Minnesota - Implantable pacemaker (First pacemaker that could be placed inside the body), 1957
• Mississippi - Nystatin (Anti-fungal medication known as ont of the most effective medications), 1950
• Missouri - Vacuum cleaner (First known as a "pneumatic carpet renovator"), 1898
• Montana - Heart monitor (A device for measuring the electrical signature of the heart), 1962
• Nebraska - Ski life (Used to transport skiers up a slope to the top of a run), 1936
• Nevada - Blue jeans (A type of casual pant), 1873
• New Hampshire - The farmers's almanac (The oldest continually published periodical in the country), 1792
• New Jersey - Air conditionning (Applicance used to cool air in an enclosed environment), 1921
• New Mexico - Atom Bomb (Large nuclear bomb), 1945
• New York - Credit card (Used to electronically purchase goods and pay later), 1949
• North Carolina - Airplane (First man-powered flying machine), 1903
• North Dakota - Cream of wheat (Breakfast cereal debuted at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, 1893)
• Ohio - Automobile (First gasoline automobile), 1891
• Oklahoma - Parking meter (Used to collect money in paid parking zones), 1935
• Oregon - Computer mouse (Controlling the cursor on a computer), 1968
• Pennsylvania - Fire hydrant (Used for transporting water for fighting fires), 1801
• Rhode Island - Diners (The first diner sold food out of a horse-drawn carriage), 1872
• South Carolina - Military submarine (Watercraft capable of operation underwater), 1863
• South Dakota - Cyclotron (An early form of the particale accelerator), 1932
• Tennessee - Supermarket (Comminity retail stores that sell produce and other food products), 1916
• Texas - Electric typewriter (Electric machine used to write characters on paper), 1912
• Utah - Electric traffic light (Used to regulate traffic, letting drivers know when to stop, go, or slow down), 1912
• Vermont - Paddle wheel steamer (Steam-driven paddle boat, famous on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers), 1826
• Virginia - Camouflage ("Tree and bark" camouflage is used to blend in with the surrounding), 1978
• Washington - Microsoft Windows (The first point and click interface with pull down menus and icons), 1975
• West Virginia - Steam Boat (Boat powered by a steam pump that provides momentum), 1787
• Wisconsin - Space suit (Not the first vacuum sealed suit, but first with link to space), 1950s
• Wyoming - Shovel handle (The first patent was described as "an improved shovel handle"), 1879
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