Your State's Online Guilty Pleasure

Your State's Online Guilty Pleasure

Your State's Online Guilty Pleasure:
Alabama - Celebrity News
Alaska - Celebrity News
Arizona - Online dating
Arkansas - Celebrity News
California - Reddit
Colorado - Fail videos
Connecticut - Memes
Delaware - Online investing
Florida - Sugar daddy sites
Georgia - Sugar daddy sites
Hawaii - Grindr
Idaho - Cat videos
Illinois - XXX content
Indiana - Fail videos
Iowa - WebMD
Kansas - XXX content
Kentucky - Celebrity news
Louisiana - XXX content
Maine - WebMD
Maryland - Online investing
Massachusetts - Tinder
Michigan - Auction news
Minnesota - Auction news
Mississippi - Whip Nae Nae
Missouri - Sugar Mama Sites
Montana - Cat videos
Nebraska - Sugar Mama Sites
Nevada - Sugar Daddy Sites
New Hampshire - WebMD
New Jersey - Online gambling
New Mexico - XXX content
New York - Instagram models
North Carolina - Memes
North Dakota - Cat videos
Ohio - TV show spoilers
Oklahoma - Memes
Oregon - Online investing
Pennsylvania - TV show spoilers
Rhode Island - Tinder
South Carolina - Celebrity news
South Dakota - Online deal sites
Tennessee - Sugar mama sites
Texas - XXX content
Utah - Fitness models
Vermont - Online investing
Virginia - Online investing
Washington - Reddit
West Virginia - Chatrooms
Wisconsin - Auction sites
Wyoming - Cat videos
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