Searching for issues around voting on Nov 9th

Searching for issues around voting on Nov 9th

This map shows Google search interest in voting-related issues across the United States at city level. Cities only show up if the interest in each issue is above the national average. The circles are sized by the amount of search interest and the timeline at the bottom shows interest during the day. When a circle is flashing, it is because there is a recent large spike there in search interest around a voting related issue.

The map shows five issues:
• Provisional ballots status (Voters may be asked to complete a ‘provisional ballot' if their voting eligibility is in question.)
• Long wait times at polling stations
• Inactive voter status (searches for voters considered “inactive" if there have been issues delivering election mail, for instance)
• Voting machine issues
• Voter intimidation at polling places (centered around searches for 'how to report' possible intimidation)

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Alex E

“Maps are like campfires – everyone gathers around them, because they allow people to understand complex issues at a glance, and find agreement about how to help the land.”