Countries that equivalent in GDP to US States

Countries that equivalent in GDP to US States
California and Texas are the two largest economies in the U.S. These states are equivalent in size to the 8th and 10th largest countries in terms of GDP in the World: Brazil & Canada. Other states like New York, Florida, Illinois & New Jersey are equivalent in size to some very rich countries – Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Sweden. The GDP of New York state is on par with Spain’s despite the fact that Spain has more than twice as many people.

The GDP of Ohio (a population of 11.6 million) is roughly equivalent to the GDP of Nigeria, a rapidly developing country with a population of 173.6 million. Some of the smaller states like North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Montana & Vermont are equivalent in size to small developing nations in Africa & Latin America (Ethiopia, Uganda & Zambia, Panama, Tanzania & Paraguay).

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