Cattle in religion: Hinduism cow taboo

As the cow is considered a sacred animal in Hindu, in some Indian states you can get up to 10 years in prison for cow slaughter.
Cattle in religion: Hinduism cow taboo
NO BAN (dark red)
States where there is no ban on slaughter.

Slaughter of all cow genus allowed, but on condition. Requires fit-for-slaughter certificate, showing animals are above the age 14 (10 in Kerala, 12 in Karnataka, 15 in Bihar) unfit for work, breeding, permanently incapacitated. In Kerala, it's a panchayat act and in Bihar export not allowed.
CB - Cow and bullock slaughter allowed with a certificate.
B - Cow slaughter banned, bullock allowed with a certificate.

The ban on slaughter is so strict that you may have to spend 10 years in jail or pay a fine of up to Rs 10.000 if you eat. sell, possess, transport, export the cow genus (not buffalo). In some states, like in Maharashtra, it is anon-bailable offence.

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