Total U.S. drone population
Total U.S. drone population
Top ten counties (number of drones):
1. Los Angeles County, California    12,250
2. Maricopa County, Arizona    7,235
3. Harris County, Texas    5,948
4. San Diego County, California    5,936
5. Orange County, California    5,350
6. Santa Clara County, California    4,973
7. Cook County, Illinois    4,767
8. King County, Washington    4,728
9. Tarrant County, Texas    3,578
10. Miami-Dade County, Florida    3,533

U.S. drone population per capita
U.S. drone population per capita
Top ten counties (drones per 1,000 people):
Hinsdale County, Colorado    5.2
McMullen County, Texas    4.9
Haines Borough, Alaska    4.7
Sheridan County, North Dakota    4.6
Dewey County, South Dakota    4.6
Valdez-Cordova Census Area, Alaska    4.5
Sherman County, Kansas    4.3
Sully County, South Dakota    4.2
San Juan County, Washington    4.2
Denali Borough, Alaska    4.2

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