Infrastructure connects and defines us. The roads, pipelines and Internet cables that deliver our services also shape our opportunities, our vulnerabilities and our identities. Political maps abound, yet there are few useful, elegant maps of the complex layering of transportation, energy and communications infrastructures that unite us.

The Connectivity Atlas invites you explore the lines that advance our global connectedness. All of the data contained in this Atlas is open and available for reuse. Suggestions and contributions of additional datasets to include are welcome.

Connectivity Atlas

This project represents a collaboration between DevelopmentSeed, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Cartography Lab, and Dr. Parag Khanna, author of Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization
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Alex E

“Maps are like campfires – everyone gathers around them, because they allow people to understand complex issues at a glance, and find agreement about how to help the land.”