A Talent is the skill that someone naturally has to do something that is hard. It is an ability that someone is born with. People say they are "born with a talent". It is a high degree of ability or of aptitude. Someone who has talent is able to do something without trying as hard as someone who does not have a talent. People may have a talent, or many talents, for music, dancing, acting, sports, or other skills. Someone who has talent is called talented.

The talent as a unit of value is mentioned in the New Testament in Jesus' parable of the talents. This parable is the origin of the use of the word "talent" to mean "gift or skill" in English and other languages. Luke includes a different parable involving the mina.The talent is found in another parable of Jesus where a servant who is forgiven a debt of ten thousand talents refuses to forgive another servant who owes him only one hundred denarii. The talent is also used elsewhere in the Bible, as when describing the material invested in the Ark of the Covenant.


1.Population aged 20-59.
2.CAGR population aged 20-59 (%).

1.Gross enrolment ratio ISCED 5 & 6 Total.
2.Universities ranked in World’s top 500.
3.Total expenditure for tertiary education.

1.R&D as % of GDP.
2.Degree of restrictiveness of labor laws.
3.Wage regulation.
4.Protection of intellectual property.
5.Protection of private property.
6.Meritocratic remuneration.

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