Financial Secrecy Index

The Financial Secrecy Index 2015 has reviewed 102 jurisdictions, and has ranked 92 jurisdictions.Switzerland is ranked in first position in the 2015 Financial Secrecy Index, based on a high secrecy score of 73 and a large global scale weight for the size of offshore financial services, at around five percent of the world total.

The Financial Secrecy Index is a ranking of jurisdictions based on combining a qualitative measure (a secrecy score, based on 15 secrecy indicators) with a quantitative measure (the global weighting to give a sense of how large the offshore financial centre is). The secrecy score and the weighting are arithmetically combined with a special formula - the cube of a jurisdiction's secrecy score is multiplied by the cube root of its global scale weight - to create the final score, which is then used for the FSI ranking.

Below are the fifteen secrecy indicators that are used to assess jurisdictions:
1. Banking Secrecy
2. Trusts and Foundations Register
3. Recorded Company Ownership
4. Published Company Ownership
5. Published Company Accounts
6. Country by Country Reporting
7. Fit for Information Exchange
8. Efficiency of Tax Administration
9. Avoids Promoting Tax Evasion
10. Harmful legal vehicles
11. Anti Money Laundering
12. Automatic Information Exchange
13. Bilateral Treaties
14. International Transparency Commitments
15. International Judicial Co-operation

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