Attitudes to EU membership

Attitudes to EU membership

- Malta was the most enthusiastic member, with Maltese participants giving their EU membership a positive rating of 76 out of 100. Next were Spain, Poland (both 72), Ireland (71) and Lithuania (70).

- The Czech Republic were the most negative, with a score of 45, followed by Sweden (51).

- The UK’s score was 52, the same as that of Denmark, making them the joint third least enthusiastic members.

- People in Eurozone countries were more positive about their EU membership (65) than those in non-Eurozone countries (58). In non-EZ countries, nearly a third (31%) gave a negative score of 49 or below, compared to 22% of those in countries with the euro.

- Those living in big countries (10m+) gave a higher mean score for EU membership (63) than those in smaller countries (58).

- Overall, 18-24 year-olds and those aged 65+ gave similarly positive scores for EU membership (65); those aged 45-54 gave the lowest mean score (60).
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