The European Digital City Index (EDCi) describes how well different European cities support digital entrepreneurship. Produced as part of the European Digital Forum, its ultimate aim is to support digital entrepreneurship across Europe. For startups and scaleups, the index will provide information about the strengths and weaknesses of local ecosystems, allowing them to plan accordingly. For policy makers, the index provides a tool to benchmark cities and decide where they may need to devote more resources.

City Ranking

    1 London
    2 Amsterdam
    3 Stockholm
    4 Helsinki
    5 Copenhagen
    6 Paris
    7 Berlin
    8 Dublin
    9 Brussels
    10 Munich
    11 Cambridge
    12 Madrid
    13 Oxford
    14 Barcelona
    15 Vienna
    16 Stuttgart
    17 Lisbon
    18 Luxembourg
    19 Prague
    20 Tallinn
    21 Milan
    22 Budapest
    23 Cologne
    24 Warsaw
    25 Bratislava
    26 Nicosia
    27 Ljubljana
    28 Rome
    29 Vilnius
    30 Bucharest
    31 Zagreb
    32 Riga
    33 Sofia
    34 Athens
    35 Valletta

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